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Zenfuse Partnership
Florian Wimmer CEO of Blockpit and expert for crypto trading with profound knowledge of financial implications in the crypto space.
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Quick take:

  • Blockpit and Zenfuse cooperate to eliminate legal uncertainty when trading crypto assets and keep traders safe when confronted with tax authorities.
  • Zenfuse allows users to trade on multiple exchanges – centralized or decentralized – from one easy-to-use platform.
  • Blockpit complements with real-time transaction analysis, to enable tax-optimized trading based on individual portfolio and audited tax frameworks for specific countries.

Zenfuse is designed to give cryptocurrency traders an edge over the competition with a cutting-edge all-in-one platform. The Zenfuse platform allows traders to access the biggest cryptocurrency marketplaces through a single interface while also providing traders with a suite of analytical tools.

Blockpit has set its vision on the simplification of regulatory issues when it comes to those markets. Active traders quickly accumulate hundreds of transactions on multiple exchanges and wallets while often experiencing special events like airdrops, hardforks, swaps, margin profits, dividend payouts and many more. 

The Blockpit platform automatically harmonizes different data sources, links incoming and outgoing transactions and categorizes coins, tokens and events as their respective legal counterparts. The backend tax engine then uses this data to give real-time information on realized gains/losses, unrealized gains/losses, tax-free or reduced gains, holding periods and much more. A complete tax report can be downloaded anytime to hand to respective authorities.

Both companies aim to simplify the cryptocurrency market as a third-layer solution. We see this as a great opportunity to join forces and get one step closer to our common goal.

There is another noteworthy thing, which connects us: Just like Blockpit, Zenfuse raised most of the funds for their project from their community via a tokensale. While our TAX Token is set up as a Security Token, the ZEFU Token acts as native Utility Token of the Zenfuse platform and is tradeable at the growing DeFi Marketplace Uniswap and centralized Exchange Bibox.

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