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Melissa Hiesmayr Marketeer with a big interest in social media and the regulatory framework of the crypto sphere.
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What is the Travel Rule?
The Travel Rule is often found in combination with AML5 and Know Your Customer topics. What exactly this set of laws entails for the use of Bitcoin and co. can be found in our handy visualization below.

The Taxation of Cryptocurrencies
Any profit or loss made through the use of any kind of cryptocurrency is subject to taxation in the respective country. As the rules and regulation differ enormously depending on the country, we highly advise you take a look at our blog series "countries and their crypto-laws" to find out more about proper legal treatment and taxation in your country.
A useful solution to stay compliant with rules and regulations is the Blockpit software, which helps you figure out your tax report automatically.
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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general information purposes only. The information was completed to the best of our knowledge and does not claim either correctness or accuracy. For detailed information on crypto regulations we recommend contacting a certified legal advisor in the specific country. As this blog post refers to international crypto laws, the content will only be available in English. If any questions occur, feel free to contact us in our social media channels.


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