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Taxes on Bitcoin & Co. in Austria, Germany and Switzerland - cryptocurrency tax guide
Lukas Krainz CMO of Blockpit with deep understanding of the cryptocurrency space and its regualtions through years of personal experience.
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Information on cryptocurrencies and taxes is still very spare on the web. We noticed fast that a contact point for interested cryptocurrency holder is missing. For this reason we called the cryptocurrency tax guide into being. Together with Ecovis Austria, the publishing house Linde and TrendingTopics we created a 51-page guide, that answers questions about cryptocurrencies and their taxation in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Questions like

  • When do taxes accrue?
  • Is there a limit below which you remain tax-free?
  • How high is the tax on cryptocurrencies?
  • How must profits from cryptocurrencies be entered in the tax return?
  • How to deal with special tax cases for cryptocurrencies?
  • Should transactions still be listed under speculative income or the tax allowance?

  • How are realised losses dealt for crypto tax purposes?

  • How is mining viewed from a tax point of view?

  • What are the crypto tax implications of token swaps?

  • How are ICOs / token sales, STOs taxed?

  • How are Coins / Token from Airdrops, MasterNodes or Bounty/Affiliate programs taxed?

  • How do hard forks / soft forks affect the crypto tax law?

  • Is there a way to avoid taxes on cryptocurrencies?

  • How do profits from cryptocurrencies have to be entered in the tax return?

And many more are explained in detail using practical examples.
The following article is only available in German. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our social media channels or via [email protected].

To the german version of the crypto tax guide


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