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Learn about the new tax requirements in Spain for your cryptocurrencies

In der IT-Branche und in vielen anderen Bereichen auch wurde das Arbeiten von zuhause aus in den letzten Jahren ein immer größeres Thema. Durch die Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie wurden viele Firmen vor neue Herausforderungen gestellt und mussten ihren Arbeitsplatz auf eine neue Umgebung anpassen. Obwohl wir bei Blockpit remotes Arbeiten schon immer möglich gemacht haben, war es auch für uns neu auf längere Zeit und in diesem Ausmaß alles online und ohne direkten Kontakt zu erledigen. Dadurch haben wir aber auch gelernt, dass Home Office viele Vorteile mit sich bringt und in Zukunft nicht mehr wegzudenken ist. In diesem Blogpost geben wir euch eine Übersicht darüber, wie das remote Arbeiten bei Blockpit funktioniert und wie es sich mit unserer Firmenkultur vereinen lässt.

Florian Passegger Florian Passegger
24 Sep 2021

Master your crypto taxes in Spain with Blockpit and VicoX

Blockpit and VicoX Legal partner up to offer the taxpayers in Spain the most complete solution to understand, process and handle all their cryptocurrency transaction data for tax purposes. If you are a Spanish resident, don't miss the opportunity to benefit from this partnership.

Florian Passegger Florian Passegger
24 Sep 2021

Bitcoin becomes official means of payment

Paying for breakfast at McDonalds with Bitcoin has been possible in El Salvador since 7 September 2021. The country was the first to recognise Bitcoin as an official means of payment. This means that BTC is considered a foreign currency for other member states.

Katharina Scheutz Katharina Scheutz
09 Sep 2021

US Infrastructure Bill - Could you be considered a Broker?

The bill addressed U.S. taxation of crypto earnings. According to an anonymous Treasury official cited on Bloomberg, developers, miners, hardware, or software providers should not be affected by the new regulations as long as they don’t also act as brokers. The main criticism on the part of the crypto industry is the vague wording of the Treasury Department directive and a sense that Congress does not understand the industry well enough to regulate it.

Katharina Scheutz Katharina Scheutz
03 Sep 2021

Cryptotax Import for Ethereum-based DeFi applications

Our Cryptotax import gets upgrade The new Ethereum Blockchain Import was developed by our KYT team (Know Your Transactions) and, in contrast to conventional DeFi import solutions that run via Etherscan and the like, is based on a specially developed in-house solution. We operate our own archive nodes, structure the data of the Ethereum blockchain (and others), store it in our databases and analyse the DeFi interactions with the help of precise algorithms.

Florian Passegger Florian Passegger
14 Aug 2021

New Blockpit Features

As a thank you to the many useful feedbacks and feature requests from our users, we hereby introduce you to the latest Cryptotax features such as advanced transaction filters, a newly designed reports page, and many more useful features.

Florian Passegger Florian Passegger
05 Aug 2021

DAC8 - EU obliges crypto exchanges to share information with authorities

Crypto exchanges in Europe will have to transmit user and transaction data and realized profits to the local authorities on an annual basis. Then the tax authorities can match whether that was also declared in the income tax return.

Florian Passegger Florian Passegger
14 Jul 2021